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February 2016

ABC Fun at The Cardboard Cafe, Jan 31

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Education in the Evening: Exploring the Stars

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 6pm

Cronyn Observatory, London, ON, Canada

London, ON

How did the universe start? Where did it come from? Scientists agree that the Big Bang Theory is the best explanation we have so far! We will first put the size of the universe into perspective, and then discuss where the Big Bang Theory came from and what evidence we have for it. What about the end of the universe? We talk about these possibilities too!

After the presentation, participants will have the chance to participate in a tour of the observatory, including the telescopes. To learn even more about telescopes they can build one from a small, reusable kit, that are the same size that Galileo used to find the Moon's of Jupiter and view Saturn's rings! Participants will learn about optics and how each lens does it's job to create a sharp, magnified image. Find out what's really important when looking for your own telescope.

Exploring the Stars is a public outreach program run as a partnership between the Department of Physics and Astronomy & The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

There is no cost to participate in this event. Public parking is available for a fee in the lot adjacent to the Cronyn Observatory. Click here to register.

Enriching Series for Families in April, May, and June

Do you:

  • hesitate to speak-up or struggle to find the right words to address your child’s needs?
  • feel conflicted about if and how you should talk to your child about their giftedness?
  • sometimes feel like you’re bragging or making excuses when talking about your child?
  • find others cannot relate to your parenting experiences or even belittle your struggles?
  • long to talk about your parenting challenges, but fear no one will understand?

If this sounds like you, then you will enjoy this education series intended to help you understand giftedness, what it is, what it isn't, and what you can do to help yourself and your child.

Some events planned for children include Lego programming, creating 3D selfies, and the ever-popular games room. Click here to learn more about this enriching series for gifted children and their parents and for registration information. Spaces are limited to ensure a quality experience for all participants.


TVDSB Parent Symposium February 6

Thames Valley District School Board's Parent Involvement Committee is hosting a free symposium from 8:00-1:00 at Montcalm SS with the goal of "building parent engagement together". For more information, click here.

Family Day Events in the City

Monday, February 15 is Family Day. Check out this list of activities in London for some awesome activities that fit well with your family's interests.
In January, students in grade 4 across Thames Valley District School Board participated in a test to screen children for giftedness. It is called Insight Cognitive Abilities assessment and is a DVD-based, group-administered, timed assessment.

At the Special Education Advisory Committee meeting held on February 2, ABC learned that the results of the Insight assessment will be available on March 31.

The timeline for follow up and making an offer to the limited spaces in the full-time self-contained classrooms (as opposed to the cluster groupings 4 times a year for a total of 12 days OR remaining in a regular classroom with the teacher receiving the guidance of a gifted itinerant teacher) is quite short, with the process being completed in April.

ABC raised the question about the assessment's ability to accurately identify children with more than one exceptionality and whether the board's timeline would allow parents of children we suspect to be gifted but who were not identified by the assessment an opportunity (particularly children with multiple exceptionalities or who are profoundly gifted) to pursue another path. The superintendent of special education stated that, just like any other standardized test, we cannot expect any one tool to work for everyone and that parents should contact their school if there are concerns.

ABC parents are strongly encouraged to let us know about any concerns you have with your results upon receiving them and to begin a written dialogue with your school about your concerns (oral communication is worthwhile, but a written record is an excellent way to keep track of communications for future reference).

Note that TVDSB is the only school board who engages in board-wide standardized testing of children for giftedness.


ABC London has a new website! Upcoming events (even those farther in the future, such as a specialized Robolab mini-course) are posted there along with useful information about giftedness, advocating for your child, the identification process in schools, and ways you can enjoy yourself with your child while also contributing in small ways to our community efforts.

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