Come with us in the fight against bullying.


Hello, we are the bilingual group of 1º Bachillerato at I.E.S Vicente Medina, and we are working on bullying and cyberbullying because we have read and seen ''About a Boy'', which is about a twelve-year-old-guy who suffered from bullying. So that we know that everybody has to know the main consequences for a child who has gone through that social problem.

What is bullying?

Bullying is a social scourge which affects more people than we could ever imagine. Victims of bullying are very often too terrified to admit what is happening to them to the point that sometimes they even prefer to commit suicide, especially in the case of teenagers, rather than talk to adults.


Cyberbullying is the use of digital technologies with an intent to offend, humiliate, threaten, harass or abuse someboy.

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Reasons of the bullying:

For example in school, because it is the most common place, in general the people who bully others are students or relatives.

  • Reasons why relatives might bully others:

The absence of a paternal relative or a violent behavior from these, marital dispute or even the economic situation can generate an aggressive behavior in the children. I mean there are no values, limits or rules of coexistence.

  • Reasons among students:

The students behave in such a way for the lack of control at schools and this makes them think that nobody will stop it because they don’t think they are behaving badly. The school mustn’t be limited just to teach contents but also moral values and how to behave.

  • Personality reasons:

Personality is important, but it’s influenced by education at school and at home.


  • Open communication:.

Parents should be viewers to look if somebody bullying his son. ask him such what his day of school, look after his friendship and represent his feelings when he return home after a day at school.

  • Create empathy:

Bullying often results from children who aren't feeling good about themselves.

It's important that child know the repercution of their actions. Be careful with the insults and think: don't do whatever you don't want to receive.

  • Build awareness:

The 1st step toward putting as end to bullying is building is awareness. Most people have suffer some degree of teasing at some point in their lives. It is important to make sure that everyone is aware of the extent of the problem and the effects it can have on children.

  • Bullying programs:

More schools and other organizations are creating anti-bullying programs. When administration or others in charge pay attention at the type of bullying that occurs and how it has an effect on children in that situation, they can come up with more effective solutions that stand a better results.




It is the most common cause of cyberbullying when they’re teenagers and they don’t know what can happen with the words they say. Sometimes cyberbullying starts when bullies are bored and they want to humiliate other guys.


When we’re teenagers, we think that we can do whatever we want, so bullies use discrimination to feel better.


This is the main problem of cyberbullying, because nowadays, sending an email to someone is very easy and quick, and you can tell what you want (usually insults) to the person you want without giving your name.


This is the most worrying reason, because they know what they are doing to the other person.



Think what are you going to upload to the internet before you do it, because it can be manipulated.

Bad comments

Try to be respectful in chats, because if you’re offensive with other people, they would be with you.

Don’t answer disrespectfully

The best way to finish a conversation with someone that you don’t know is blocking the person and ignoring and erasing his stupid comments.

Online service

Tell to platform administrator that someone is offending you. If there is offensive behaviour, it will probably be erased.

Help the victim

You can tell the victims’ parents what is happening and try to solve it with their help.

Bullying video

The video is about the consequences of bullying and cyberbuying. On it, two teenagers narrate their emotive experience with this social problem into a reporter home who is wants to show to the world the experience of people that have suffered from bullying.
Bullying and Cyberbullying Interview +