Digital Multimedia


Summary of Multimedia

This year for multimedia I've accomplished a good bit of things such as understanding how cartoonist create shows and all kinds of movies within Go animate. It was hard work some challenging than others, but it has been a very experimental year with having to redevelop billboards and think of my own slogans to publish and share to the world. I've really learned how to challenge myself. Also with having to create my own commercials as a commercial producer which was the most challenging of all having to have a deadline and create scripts is a difficult task. Something I know now is there is a lot of things that go in making logos to advertise on t.v. and its more to than just making a design and sticking with it. Plus with all this you have to think of what the client may want and specific techniques to get things done.

Digital Multimedia Reflection

Answer These Questions

1. I will remember making the commercials for underage drinking and drugs.
2. I am proud with my billboard I made for underage drinking.
3. The most was working with audacity to record things and make sound affects.
4. I wouldn't change anything because I feel like I had a pretty good year.
5. Stay focused, don't let others distract you, and work hard to get your work done and turned in.
6. Challenging myself and being more creative.
7. Have fun with everything you do.
8. great, cool, adventurous, tough, hard, and fun.
9. Go more outside the box with funnier things that we will like not what the teacher think is awesome to her and learn our style of what things were interested in.
10. Don't give up because your not creative, learn to be more creative.