Lyndon B. Johnson

1963- 1969

How He Came to Office

  • President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while in Dallas
  • Johnson being was the vice president and was sworn in that day

Election of 1864

  • Nominee- Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Running Mate- Hubert Humphrey
  • Electoral Vote (states carried)- 486 (44+DC)
  • Popular Vote- 43,127,041 (61.1%)


  • Nominee- Barry Goldwater
  • Running Mate- William E. Miller
  • Electoral Vote (states carried)- 52 (6)
  • Popular Vote- 27,175,754 (38.5%)

  • Johnson won by a significant amount
  • victory brought a heavily democratic congress
  • Brought a "Great Society"

The Great Society

  • "The big four" aid to education, medical care for the elderly, "medicaid", immigration reform and educational aid
  • Medicare was medical care for the elderly, Medicaid was for the poor
  • War on poverty
  • 2 new cabinets, Department of Transportation and the Department of housing and urban development.
  • The Immigration and and Nationality act 1965- doubled the number of immigrants that could enter the United States
  • conservatives were upset as they thought that poverty couldn't be fixed

24th Amendment

  • 24th amendment
  • passed in 1964
  • abolished the poll tax in federal elections, it was still difficult for Blacks to vote
  • First step in helping blacks gain more voting rights

Tonkin Gulf Resolution and Vietnam War

  • U.S. goal was to stop communism
  • resolution was an unofficial way to declare war
  • America could assist any country in southeast Asia
  • 1965- American army base bombed
  • Operation rolling thunder- sent air raids over North Vietnam
  • over 500,000 Americans fighting at one point
  • Cost around $30 billion
  • Many soldiers died

Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act (Johnson’s Civil Rights)

The Civil Rights Act 1864
  • gave the federal government more authority to enforce desegregation in schools
  • prohibited racial discrimination in all kinds of public accommodations and employment
  • We start to see more change in favor of civil rights

Voting Rights Act 1865

  • banned literacy tests
  • sent federal voter registers into several southern states
  • Helped blacks gain the right to vote

1968 – A “watershed” year

  • Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated
  • Robert Kennedy is assassinated
  • 500,000 Americans fighting in Vietnam, many of whom were dying
  • Americans didn't achieve their goal in Vietnam and were forced to end the war
  • Over 100,000 Casualties in Vietnam