Alex Balck's

Self improvement poster

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Areas I Need to Improve On

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Things I Can Do

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Positive Affirmations I Can Use

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Witman


To ensure I have the very best health I can every day, I will remember to think highly of myself. I will make sure I believe that I will not get sick. I will remind myself that if I stress myself out I'm going to get sick. I remain happy to make sure that I stay in good shape and not get sick.


I have suffered "pain" in the past. I expect "pain" in my future. But, I will react to that "pain" by removing my expectations and accept people for who they are. What I will gain from that "pain" is Life lessons. Through this I can remember past experiences when it happens again in my life.


I am who I am because of my surroundings.
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I want happiness from life. So, I need to surround myself with kind people.