Spanish for Kids Summer

a week of fun in a different language

Fabulous Language Learning

From the 29th of July to the 2nd of August in Tunbridge Wells

For children 4 - 8 years old, an opportunity to learn and talk in the context of games, focusing on fluency and vocabulary assimilation. These sessions are full of singing, following instructions, running around the room, jumping , and being an elephant, colouring, and writing their first words in a new language and enjoying the outside too, but all in a different language


Why Spanish?

Start them young: Spanish is a great choice for early language learning as it is a phonetic language, which makes reading and writing easier to engage with and understand. We offer Spanish for all. With special sessions for babies and toddlers: for kids, for families, for adults, to relax and enjoy, and for students to support them in preparation for their exams.

Why learn a Foreign Language?

Modern Foreign Language exam results in the past few years have highlighted the need for a new strategy in foreign language learning: early language learning is the answer.

Children that learn a second language go on to perform better in tests, have better literacy skills and greater opportunities. But, research shows that children can only effectively learn a language when exposed to people speaking directly to them and interacting with them in the target language.

Tunbridge Wells mum and language teacher Arancha Bueno has developed a new concept of language learning by combining some of the techniques used in her 10 years teaching English to adults and private tutoring of Spanish, as well as those used in her own bilingual home: the result is Fable.
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