Greek Mythology

How did Greek mythology influence the world today?

The Story Of Medusa

Medusa was very beautiful and all the men wanted to marry her. She couldn't get married because she was Athena's priestess(Priests & Priestesses couldn't get married.) Medusa wanted to get married but Athena got angry and punished her by changing her hair into poisonous snakes and turning her skin cracked and gray. She was also put into isolation allowing her to petrify anyone that looks into her eyes.

What Connections Does Medusa Have To Our World Today?

The Story of Medusa must have inspired the author Rick Riordan to write a part in his story, "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" about Medusa. Percy and two friends are in a garden and they have to get a pearl she is wearing on her wrist without looking at her in order to get to the next location.

King Triton

King Triton is the son of the greek god and goddess Poseidon and Amphitrite. King Triton is known as "The Messenger of The Sea." The Greek poet Hesiod says that he lived in a palace made of gold deep in the sea. He had a seashell which he could use to calm or raise the waves.

What connections does King Triton have to the world today?

In 1989, The Little Mermaid was released. This is a Disney Princess movie with a mermaid named Ariel. Many of you know that in this movie King Triton is Ariel's father. I'm pretty sure they chose King Triton to be Ariel's father because he's one of the gods of the sea.

More Information On Greek Mythology

Greek myths are more than 2,700 years old. Greeks borrowed some parts of their stories from older more ancient stories that were already made and told. Mythology also played a part in their religion. Each of the gods had a story to go along with it.


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