.I was interested in fashion ever since I was 10 years old. I always wanted to look my best because people have different ways to express themselves. I like to express myself with fashion

{My style}

One day I went to visit my family and I was in a rush and I grabbed the wrong thing but l was in luck because I grabbed a bunch of accessories so I mixed and matched till I found what to put on but had a party to go to so I had to make a pretty presentable outfit so I put out all my stuff on the bed and mixed and matched all day till I found something.

for example

baying shoe is fun becuse u can expres yourself.
Little Girl's Fashion Show for Kids (Dress up)
this littel girl likes to expres herself with her outfits
Five Things Every Girl Needs In Their Wardrobe - Fashion Tips & Advice

{The present}

Today I am still pike and I like buying unique because I can express myself in define ways.
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