Rubiks Cube

History about the Rubiks Cube and some interesting facts.

History of the Rubiks Cube

Erno Rubik was the inventor of the Rubiks cube, hence it's name. Erno born in 1944 wanted to create a cube that was not supposed as possible. Erno was working on it when he was in his 20s and started to make prototypes of the cube. Erno soon makes something called the magic cube that kind of looks like the Rubiks cubes we have today. Erno used the cube to explain spatial relations to his students. In 1975 the first magic cube was sold in a toy shop in Budapest where Erno lived. The cube soon became popular and 2 years later was distributed by toy companys. In 1980 the magic cube changed its name to the Rubiks Cube. In 1982 the first annual Rubiks Cube championships were held. Now today Rubiks cubes are always improving so they could move faster and quieter than before.

Rubiks Cube World Records

  • 2x2=0.58 seconds by Rami Sbahi
  • 3x3=4.90 seconds by Lucas Etter
  • 4x4=21.97 seconds by Sebastian Weyer
  • 5x5=48.42 seconds by Felix Zemdegs
  • 6x6=1:33.55 minutes by Kevin Hays
  • 7x7=2:23.55 minutes by Felix Zemdegs

There is a lot more records than just these with many different types of Rubiks Cubes.
Lucas Etter - Road to Rubik's Cube World Record Single 4.90