School Exhibitions

March 22, 2016 Supervisor Led Professional Development


Each school will have the opportunity to showcase teaching and learning from the 2015-2016 school year. In exhibition style, each school team will showcase and celebrate their work with teachers from others schools.


Each school will have a designated space at their assigned March 22nd PD location.

Use your creativity to share the following...

  • What instructional approach did you implement?

  • How does it connect with the WCPS common language and/or initiatives?

  • What were the results? Share student artifacts!

  • What are your next steps?

  • What suggestions would you offer other schools/teachers who may want to implement something similar?

So what?

While the school team is sharing, the remaining staff members will explore exhibitions from the other schools. It will be an opportunity to learn and “steal” great ideas from other schools assigned to your March 22nd PD location.

Now what?

  • Determine a topic to share
  • Create a team of 2-4 teachers who will serve as hosts at your school's area
  • Complete this Google Form by March 4- title and brief description
  • Plan how you will share your expertise during the 1 hour "open house" style exhibition
  • Gather artifacts to share
  • Be creative... its time to celebrate and shine!