What's Happening in Biology?

Week of 11/10-11/14


Welcome to another week of Biology!

This week we start out on Monday by finishing our drawings of cellular respiration. Once our drawing notes are done, we will go over the whole process again with actual written notes.

Tuesday and Wednesday we have odd schedules again. All sophomores are taking the ASPIRE test and so testing will divide the class in half.

I will see the second half of the class on Tuesday while the first half tests and they will be doing a photosynthesis and cellular respiration comparison worksheet. Wednesday I will be gone at a student leadership conference and so the first half the kids will be in class working on the comparison worksheet while the second half does the ASPIRE.

We come all back together on Thursday to finish the notes we will start Monday and then get an overall respiration worksheet that will be due on Monday after the long weekend.

Enjoy your three day weekend! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Weiss