4th Grade Super Sailor Newsletter

Week 35: May 16-20, 2016

Field Day is Friday, May 20th!

  • Make sure sunscreen/insect repellent is applied to your child before they come to school.

Please make sure your child brings the following items labeled with your child’s name:

  • A disposable sack lunch.
  • A change of dry clothes and shoes.
  • A plastic bag to put wet clothes in.
  • A towel.
  • A hat and a disposable bottle of water (It’s going to be hot!). Write your child's name on the water bottle with a sharpie.


On Monday the students will demonstrate their budgeting, creativity, and calculating skills at Market Day. The rest of the week they will finish and review the financial literacy unit. The financial literacy test will be on Thursday.


In science we will be reviewing ecosystems and have the ecosystem test on Wednesday (it will be open notes). The students will be packaging their egg’s on Thursday for the egg drop competition that takes place on Friday during field day!


This week we be reviewing characterization. We will analyze how characters change and develop throughout a story in literature circles.


We will write a character analysis of ourselves as 4th graders and write a reflection on our year.

Social Studies

The students will understand how people organized governments in different ways during the early development of Texas. We will identify and explain the basic functions of the three branches of government according to the Texas Constitution.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Austin Parkway Elementary we strive to provide the best experience possible for our students and their families. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes within our building. One of the processes that we are currently working on is that of early dismissal. The policy regarding early dismissal and checkout can be found in the Austin Parkway Elementary Student-Parent Handbook, on our website. Please see below for the excerpt.

In the case of an unforeseen event that causes a change in the way your child goes home please follow these steps.

  1. Send an email to Ms. Miller before 2:15 p.m., iris.miller@fortbendisd.com
  1. State in the email:
    1. Student’s name
    2. Teacher’s name
    3. Your name and relationship to student
    4. Your phone number for verification purposes
    5. Time of pickup (no dismissals after 2:45 p.m.)
    6. Reason for last minute change