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On March 29th, all our students at CTC were able to go through a mock interview with an industry-specific professional.

Watch the video to hear comments from area businesses and students! Thank you to Randy McWilson for making the video!
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Congratulations on your Retirement!

Sid Gerlach

Donna Johnson

Congratulations to our students for finding FULL TIME employment after completing their CTC program!

Kathleen Clayton, Workforce Development Coordinator, started a new tradition at the Career and Technology Center--National Signing Day. Students who met the following criteria were able to "sign" with their business much like college athletes sign their letter of intent.

1.) The student must be a graduating high school senior or adult student currently enrolled in a CTC 9-month technical training program.

2.) The student must have secured *FULL-TIME employment or will be going to work FULL-TIME after graduation/completion of CTC training program.

*Note: Internships do not qualify -- it must be full-time employment.

3.) The job must fall within the student’s industry-specific training program.

4.) Though we fully respect and value those students that have signed up for the military, we realize that this is a separate venture and is not in alignment with the Career Signing Day objective. Students who sign up for military service are recognized and given a separate ceremony when they take their oath of service to our country.

Breaking Traditions Awards

Breaking Traditions, sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), recognizes outstanding non-traditional career and technical students and the adults and employers who support them. CTC Coding & Programming instructor, Cara Dirnberger and local employer, North Scott County Ambulance District (NSCAD), received Breaking Traditions state awards along with CTC students, Kayli Polk and Reagan Elfrink, receiving the Regional Award and Honorable Mention awards, respectively.

Cara Dirnberger was honored at a ceremony in Jefferson City on April 29th; receiving the 2019 OUTSTANDING EDUCATOR Award. Larry Chasteen with North Scott County was recognized with the Employer Award. Mr. Chasteen was unable to attend and CTC Assistant Director, Kristy Unger & CTC Guidance Counselor, Rebecca Peters, accepted the award on his behalf.

NTHS Banquet

Congratulations to the following students on being inducted into National Technical Honor Society on March 7, 219!
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Congratulations to the following Passport to the Future recipients!

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Skills USA

Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center (CTC) students attended the Missouri SkillsUSA Leadership & Skills Conference at State Technical College in Linn, MO on April 5-7, 2018. Forty-five students from Cape Girardeau CTC competed. As a result of their efforts, 15 students from CTC received medals. Students who placed 1st in a skilled contest will go on to the National SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, KY in June.


Phillip Coleman – 1st (post-secondary)

Adriana Crigger & Jake Gaston – 1st
David Brown & Logan Reed – 3rd
Jeremiah Johnson & Nikki Lambert – 2nd(post-secondary)
Jordan Aldridge & Jacob Lucas – 3rd (post-secondary)

Dailey Bond – 1st

Logan McClanahan – 3rd

Jacob Justus & Matthew Chandler – 1st
Zachary Benton & Ashley Smith – 3rd

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Pictured left to right (back) Jeremiah Johnson, Nikki Lambert, Jake Gaston, Zachary Benton, Matthew Chandler, Jake Justus, David Brown, Logan Reed (front) Phillip Coleman, Dailey Bond, Adriana Crigger, Logan McClanahan, Ashley Smith, Jacob Lucas

Congratulations, Respiratory Therapy graduates!

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Pictured: Top Row (L to R)– Lane Mueller, Beccie Luebbers, Kristina Lee, Morgan Laurentius, Chris Westrich

Bottom Row L to R – Megan Uptmor, Allison Toney, Alexus Gammon, Camery Davis

Respiratory Therapy is an ever expanding healthcare profession that alot of people don't know about. Respiratory Therapy is a mixture of nursing and paramedic profession, but specialize in cardiopulmonary disease, including managing all sizes of life support. On a daily basis, we may be called to the E.R. for assistance in a trauma patient, have a stack of patients on the general hospital floor that we are treating, have to help with CPR on a patient on another floor, and get called for a high risk delivery on the O.B. floor. We are ALL OVER the hospital, trying to keep every age of the population breathing, and oxygenating properly. We really deal with life and death of all ages, daily. That is very rewarding to us! If you'd like more information, contact Kyle Kern at or call 334-0826 EXT. 6720.

Congratulations, Medical Assistant Graduates!

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Pictured: Top Row (L to R) Mr. Brock Crowley, Post-Secondary Assistant Director, Deanna Niederkorn, Abby Essner, Mackenzie Sprandel, Jacque Starkey, Jayda Macklin, Shannon Grays, Mrs. Emily Lanpher, Medical Assistant Instructor. Bottom Row (L to R) Heather Green, Kaylee Martin, Alexys Allen, Tamera Crowden, Kara Mehrer, and Roykinnia Cooper
Over half of this class has been hired as Medical Assistants with local healthcare facilities and several have interviews soon for potential employment. It is our goal, here at the CTC, to achieve 100% placement for our Medical Assistant students! If you are interested in becoming a Medical Assistant, enrollment for the 2019-2020 class begins May 1st with classes beginning August 15th! Only 15 seats are available! If you are interested in the program, contact Emily Lanpher at or call 334-0826 EXT. 6602.

Congratulations, Practical Nursing Graduates!

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L to R: Chelsea Kinder, Emily Clark, Kelli Jo Ikemeier, Kelsey Kirleis, Emily Wheat,Sarah Burton
On May 16, 2019, the graduates of the secondary/post-secondary track of the practical nursing program received their diplomas as they begin their nursing careers. Only a few nursing schools across the nation offer an educational opportunity to begin a career of nursing as high school seniors. To successfully meet the graduation requirements, it takes self-discipline and focus and many hours of studying and clinical experiences. If you have any questions about Practical Nursing, contact Rebekah Thornsbury at 334-0826 or

Congratulations, Soon to Be Physical Therapy Assistant Graduates!

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From left to right, front row: Joleen Williams, Clare Seyer, Kendra Sokolowski, Carlin Hosket.

Middle row: Brittney Friedrich, Shanice McClain, April Myers

Back row: Brian Taylor, Dakota Smith, Kaleb Cotton, Jenna Bender

Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) treat patients under the direction of a Physical Therapist, and use interventions to assist patients, from infants to the elderly, to be as independent as possible in their daily activities. Examples of those interventions include: exercise, joint and soft tissue mobilization, endurance training, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic application of heat, cold, ultrasound and electrical stimulation, prosthetics and orthotics training, wound care, and gait training. PTAs can work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health, schools or skilled nursing facilities. If you would like more information about the PTA Program, contact Leslie Helman at

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