Parthanos Press

The wildest place in the middle of an ocean

16 year old Rabbitclan adventurer becomes chief adventurer

16 year old Holly Rabbit becomes chief adventurer after the previous chief Robert Twitchynose retires at age 70, The youngest ever in Parthanos history. "This has been a dream come true ever since I've started being an adventurer" says a very excited Holly Rabbit. She is very happy to start leading the adventurers in the warm sun season.

The Weather

The Weather has been very nice in the lower 80's and a cool breeze making it seem like 75. Will stay like that for another 2 weeks

Narwhals Spotted in Opalalus Ocean

Otterclan has reported seeing Narwhals swimming in the Opalalus Ocean. This could be a problem for the other clans that depend on the Ocean for fresh water. Could this be the coming of a new clan? No one knows. The Narwhals have not been a hostile problem...yet.