Team 13 News

Friday, November 11, 2015

Sunny Days

On Monday, we had a glorious sun-filled day. The students took data on their hand-held sundials. They faced the gnomon due north and traced the shadow lines. This was not without some frustration. We observed how our shadow length changes, and the sun's position in the sky helps us tell the time, too. It was fun, however; students and teachers are very glad we have clocks to tell the time.

Rainy Cold Days

Our recess attendant, Mrs. Herman, is always game for going outside. As the colder months approach, please know this will take place, so students need to have appropriate outerwear on. On Tuesday, we experienced one of our few indoor recesses, due to the rain. It seemed to be a novel event, and the students had fun. Pictured above are some of the ways students occupied themselves. If a rainy day is forecated, students are always welcome to bring a game or puzzle from home to play with at recess time.

Thank You

Thank you for your patience with the Sign Up Genius. Like anything, the first time with anything new always provides a few bumps. I appreciate your speedy sign up and willingness to work with the times available. I will look forward to meeting with, beginning next Thursday, November 19th.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, November 20th, Pushing Up the Sky Spelling and Reading skills checks
  • Unit 4 Math test Friday, November 24th
  • Thanksgiving Break for students: 11/25-11/30
  • Tuesday, December 1st: November Reading Calendars due

Congratulations goes out to our Proactive Paw recipients pictured below: Bryce, Paige, Natalie, Colin, Joy, Mackenzie and Casey :)

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