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Evolution of adverts

For many years advertising companies used images to sell cigarettes which we would find laughable today. Glamorous women, handsome men and even children were all used to encourage people to buy cigarettes. Today advertisers are banned from using this kind of advert. In fact cigarettes are kept hidden from view and actually have to make clear the problems they can cause on every packet. We all know the risks and dangers associated with smoking and although some people still choose to do it we can't say that this is not an informed choice. Below are some of the absurd adverts from the 1950's!

Compared to today's adverts.

New dangers

Numbers of people choosing to do this to their body are decreasing year on year. However more and more people are turning to 'e'cigarettes sometimes to help them stop smoking but sometimes when they have never smoked a cigarette before! These 'cigarettes have not been tested and we don't know what the consequences of them could be. The World Health Organisation has said they they do not have conclusive, scientific evidence that these things actually help people stop smoking. They also recommend that "consumers should be strongly advised not to use" electronic cigarettes until a reputable national regulatory body has found them safe and effective. This week we are asking our students to think about how sensible it is to purposely breath something in when you have no idea what damage it can do to you!