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Weekly Info About Our Year Long Art Class - Week 36

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Happy Mother's Day

Hello again! Here's what's been going on in Art Class and what's coming up this week:

It's the Final Countdown! Less than two weeks left of our art class. Everything, including make-up work from Modules 14-17 and the Final Project/Presentation is due no later than Friday, May 20th.

On Monday, we are finishing up our exploration of careers in art. Module 17 has one written assignment and one written presentation about nontraditional and traditional careers in art. It also has three extra credit assignments to help supplement 4th quarter grades. It is due Monday, May 9th.

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Supplies for Module 17 and Module 18

In Module 17 we are sticking to digital media for these assignments. Students will need access to either PowerPoint software but may also branch out and use:
Google Slides
or any other presentation method for their assignment.

Module 18: The Final Project and Presentation
Students will select the style, materials, and so forth for their final project. The materials should be similar to what the artist they've chosen to emulate would pick. For example, if students select Vincent Van Gogh, they should be prepared to use acrylic paints on medium sized painting using his style and brushstrokes.

If for any reason you are having trouble gathering these materials for class, please contact BOTH me and your ELA at your school. We both want you to have access to everything you need to be successful in this class.

We are in the home stretch of art class!

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