The Bear Necessities

August 9, 2019

So great to have you back...

Do not get caught up in making everything perfect, take good care of you and know that your primary role is to build connections....the kids don't care that it's perfect, they care that you want to get to know them and their families!

Let the little things go, and let's #REIMAGINE what this job that you can look like!!

Security from District

The district is working to ensure that staff data is secure. Part of this process is MANDATORY new pictures. These will be taken during picture day at your location. You will get your photo taken in front of a blue background. Again, this is a district level make sure you spruce up a bit and get that new photo taken!!

GBEEC - Nov 4, 8:00-4:00

MLE - Sept. 24, 8:30-12:30

WLE - Oct. 15, 9:00-2:00

WVE - Sept. 24, 7:00-1:00

This happened last night....

A group from Journey Church came to our school for LOVE week. We had MANY kids who attended Great Beginnings come to work last was awesome to see!! I will have a THANK YOU card in by the Wish You Well Board in the workroom, please stop by to say thanks!
Big picture

Bluestem Repaving...

Thursday, August 14

Blue stem will be down to one lane to repave the surface.

There will be flaggers out there to direct traffic.

Mobile Monday

Jeanie and I are going to try something new....instead of working from our desk on Mondays, we are going to "work" while out in classrooms. We heard this idea from a colleague and we are going to try it. What this means to may see us land at a table or somewhere in your room to work for a while, we will take in the culture and tone of your classroom, enjoy some time with kids, but also get some work done. This is not part of the formal observation process, we just want to be with you and kids more, but the work has to get maybe this will work...won't know until we try!

Cheri Gutekunst

Will be back part time this year working with Shelly to support our Diagnostic Team. She will be housed in Shelly's office.

Our Week

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Our Cell Phone Numbers

Jeanie - 816-699-0605

Kerry - 816-365-3146