Jeurgen Teller

Famous Photographer Infographic

Juergen Teller was born on January 28th, 1964 in Erlangen, Germany. He studied photography at the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie in Munich, Germany from 1984 to 1986. When he was 22 Juergen Teller moved to the UK and currently lives in London, where he is married to an art dealer named Sadia Coles.

Teller is characterized by his unique style of photographing artistic and contemporary subjects. He works in color and is known for a "raw" style that is created by blasting his subjects with an unprocessed flash that keeps all of the colors soft. He frequently takes photos of himself.

In 2003 Juergen Teller was awarded the Citibank Prize and in 2014 he became Professor of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. He says of his work: "It’s the thing itself. I wouldn’t dream of saying to Charlotte Rampling, ‘Can I kiss you and fondle your breasts?’ You know? But in this adventure we’re doing with the camera, you’re making a fairytale, a visual fairytale..." He refers to his photos as visual fairytales - fairytales that he himself can create.
I appreciate the honesty in Teller's photographs. The images are straight-forward and aren't overly complex but are still unique and creative - a visual fairytale - so Juergen himself describes it...