Pumpkin Bash

At the Peoria Zoo

What is it?

Pumpkin Bash is coming! To get into the fall spirit come on down to Peoria Zoo's Pumpkin Bash. This event is a four hour event in which you can bring children of all ages to have a blast! Even adults can find fun in this event. There will be food, games, crafts, educational animal presentations and more.

When is it?

Pumpkin Bash will be on the tenth of October. Doors will open at eleven and the event will end at around three.

Activities? What kind of Activities?

We will be offering many different fun games, crafts and activities. Some educational!

These are a few of the activities we will be offering:

  • Pumpkin Chuckin'
  • Bat Hunt
  • Pumpkin Pickin'
  • Decorate Your Own Paper Pumpkin
  • Make a Bat Puppet

What Does This Have to Do With Animals?

During this day we will be giving presentations on bat preservation. Around this time of year bats are in a higher amount of danger than usual. The temperature is lower and they need a place to keep warm so bats can be found trying to get into houses or warm buildings. Although some are not as lucky as others and end up freezing in the cold. On this day we will be educating all of our guests on bat preservation.