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Familiarization Of Garage Door Parts

Garage door is generally consists of different parts which every homeowner must be familiar with. Knowing the garage door parts well can help you in case you badly need to buy in the hardware store. Some broken or damaged parts can be easily replace. When changing, the replacement part need to be exactly similar with old one. This will assist you if ever you forgot to bring the destroyed part with you. We provide you some garage door parts and their description, read and understand them carefully.

Cable Drums is a grooved drums situated on the torsion spring shaft elevating cables wind around the moment the garage door opens. Created just to enable the cable to be distributed methodically to avoid cable chafing.

Extension Springs counterweight springs that supply elevating force by extending. They are also called stretch springs. These parts are mounted to each rear track hangers and affixed to a pulley at one end of the spring.

Hinges are needed to make substantive section to operate as a complete garage door, the sections need to be hinged together. These parts are located on center stiles and end stiles at the assembly rails. All of the hinges play two important role within a garage door system: (1) They put the sections together with the screws and bolts. (2) They enable the divisions to break, free from each other as the garage goes up and down.

Rollers are made from steel, ball bearing wheels or nylon rollers which permit the sections to freely roll move through the garage door tracks.

Struts is an L-shaped metal strengthening members fastened horizontally in the garage door sections to add power and force. These parts are normally seen in a wide heavy garage door to avoid sinking and to give additional strength to meet the specified wind loading. Also known as the trusses.

Torsion Springs are situated on the top of the garage door opening. Springs are charged and then place to a shaft that moves along the spring. The spring rotate the shaft and then raises or lowers the door across the cables winding drums.

All of the above mentioned parts are essential in order for the garage door to function properly. Professional garage door technicians know them well that’s why they can easily detect what causes the garage door problem. So if ever you want to enhance your understanding, just visit here!