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Returning to Learning ~ Focusing on Safety

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Safety Information

This Lakeview newsletter contains information about safety as we return to learning at Lakeview. Please read carefully and watch the videos with your students. The procedures listed here are just some of our overall plans to mitigate risk for students and staff. If something is not listed here, we may have plans for it but were unable to list everything in this safety newsletter. Thank you!

Chris Sepersky, Principal of Lakeview Elementary

Stay Home if Sick!

One of the most important guidelines that we have to follow this year is to keep students home when they are sick. Students absolutely cannot leave home and come to school if they are sick. You will receive more guidelines regarding what symptoms or contacts will require students to stay out due to self-isolation. Your daily review of these symptoms or contacts is very important. This communication will also include how students will stay up to date with their classes during this time if required to self-isolate.

We know that sending students to school when they are sick will eventually lead to more students and staff members becoming ill, which could lead to classes, grade levels, or schools being closed to any type of in-person learning. We are adjusting our truancy policies due to this need. We need to stay safe to stay open.

Any student who is ill during the day will be sent home. We have two health rooms this year: one for the traditional bumps and bruises and another for students that require isolation while waiting to be picked up.

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Please be sure your child has several masks each day, and we suggest you write your child's name on his/her masks. Talk positively about mask use in your home. Washing masks daily makes mask use better. Every adult and student at Lakeview will be wearing masks except when eating/drinking and when outside on a mask break. Masks will be worn for playing with friends during recess as well as for PE class.

Here is a link to information about kids and masks and here is a link about how to wash your masks. Finally, more information on masks, including the allowable types of masks, may be found on the September 30 Safety information on this district webpage.

There will be consequences for students who are not wearing a mask. They will be different based on the age, developmental appropriateness of the situation, and if the incident is a refusal to comply. Families may not opt out of having students wearing a mask for personal reasons.

Morning Arrival

• Students may start arriving at 8:15 a.m. and should stand on their lines. We will not be playing morning games before school on the playground.

• Family members of 4K and 5K students may come onto the blacktop to help students find their correct lines and doors if you are wearing a mask. Family members of older students must stop at the edge of the blacktop to say "goodbye". The playground equipment should not be used by anyone in the morning.

• Please see the picture below for the spots where students will line up.

• At 8:20, students will be welcomed into the building. Any students arriving between 8:20 and 8:30 should use their grade level door to be sent directly inside.

• Once students are inside, they will hang items in their locker and sit in their desks, eating breakfast and waiting for the school day to start.

• We need every student to be on time every day. School starts at 8:30 a.m. In the rare event that your student is late, she/he will need to come to the front doors and check in at the office.


Arrival & Dismissal Video

Lakeview Arrival Dismissal

Sidewalk work on Manistique

Please be aware that the city is fixing the sidewalk on Manistique and you will need to go around this work until it is completed. This should fix our issues with ice and mud that would often be a mess in this area. Thank you for your patience.


Dismissal Information

• Dismissal is at 2:30 p.m. for 5K-5th grades. (AM 4K is 8:30-11 and PM 4K is 12-2:30)

• 4K & 5K family members may come onto the blacktop if wearing a mask for pickup. All other family members remain off the blacktop. If you are picking up an older student, please establish a consistent meeting spot for them on the grass or sidewalk.

• No students or families should use the playground immediately after school - everyone should go home at 2:30 and return later in the afternoon to use the playground if desired.

• Classes will be dismissed one at a time through the same door as morning arrival. When one class has finished exiting the building, the next class will exit.

• All students need to be picked up immediately after school. If you need before/after school care, please see this link for the SM Rec Department program.

Classroom Safety

Here are some of the steps that will be taken throughout the day while students are in classrooms:

• All students and teachers will wear masks

• Students will wash their hands anytime they enter a new space. Hand sanitizer is also available for use anytime. Here is a link to help kids learn how to wash their hands. If you are wondering about soap vs. hand sanitizer, this link helps you understand the different purposes.

• Classrooms will remain together, even when they go to lunch or go to recess. For example, one class of 4th grade will not mix with the other 4th grade class, even on the playground.

• Students will not share supplies in the classroom. When students use books from the classroom library or from the school library, the book will be placed in quarantine for 72 hours before going back on the shelf.

• Classroom seats are spaced out as far as possible. Some classrooms will use desks with all students facing the front. Other classrooms have tables with students seated at opposite ends (which is 5 feet apart).

• Send a water bottle with your child. Bubblers will not be available to use at all, but water bottles can be refilled.

• Teachers have a moveable plexiglass shield to place between themselves and students when working individually or in small groups.

• Each student will have three short recesses a day. If a student is playing games with others, they will wear a mask. However, students who need a mask break will be able to do so during this time. Teachers will be empowered to teach outside for portions of the day if the weather agrees.

Classroom Pictures

Lunch Procedures

Lunch is a time of the day that takes quite a bit of coordination, even in a normal year. This year, Lakeview has carefully crafted lunch procedures that include:

• K-2 will eat in the lunchroom. Grades 3-5 will eat in classrooms. This allows us to clean lunch tables in between shifts and accommodate all students, no matter if we are in Hybrid or full in-person learning.

• For K-2 students in the lunchroom, there will be no more than 5 people at a lunch table (which usually accommodates 12). Students will be seated diagonally across from each other in a zigzag pattern, with 3 feet between students.

• Students must wear their mask in the lunch line, remain 6 feet apart in line, and be handed their milk by an adult.

• Please click this link for a message from our Food & Nutrition manager about breakfast and lunch. This link also contains information about meals for students that are enrolled in the Virtual Academy.

Lunch Video

Lakeview Lunchroom

Recess Information

• At recess, students will be kept in separate areas of the playground so that classes do not mix. This means that when both classes of a grade level are on the playground, one will be on the blacktop while the other is on the grass. It will be up to the teachers to set a rotation for classes to switch areas.

• Students will have three short (approximately 15 minute) recess/mask break times throughout the day. Students that choose to play games keep their masks on during recess. Students that choose a mask break will have a designated area to sit, remain physically distanced, and remove their mask.

•.At the end of recess, students line up, keeping space between themselves (we have lines on the ground to help with this), and re-enter the school.

• We will not be playing games that include touch (tag, football, basketball, etc.) at this time. Students will talk about appropriate recess games with teachers when they return to school. These would include 4-square and kickball.

• Recess equipment will be sanitized as possible.

Recess Video

Lakeview Recess Safety

Other Reminders

Visitors will not be allowed past the vestibule of the school. If you are coming to school and need to talk to the office, you will need to wear a mask and wait patiently in the vestibule.

Birthday treats will not be passed out and we really do not want to make any students sad on their birthday when we tell them "no". Please consider buying a book or a game instead for the classroom if able.

All of the district's communications, safety info, and FAQ's may be found on the district website on the Fall 2020 page (click here).

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