Move Athletics Back to 7th Period!!

Join the campaign to move JV/Varsity athletics to 7th period


Moving sophomore-senior athletics back to 7th period is a movement that is anticipated by almost all student-athletes at CHS. With the struggles us student-athletes face everyday screw up our thinking throughout the day.

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-Practices will end on time so we can actually have time to do our homework and other stuff

-This will allow sophomores, juniors and seniors to be able to have time to have renaissance lunch (the freshmen cannot have renaissance lunch the first semester anyway so this will not effect them as much)

-After school practices that are off-campus can start on time because the athletes have time beat after-school traffic to get to the site where the practices are at

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Current Struggles

-We do not have anytime to have renaissance lunch

-We pretty much go into our 5th period class finishing our lunches due to the short amount of time we have to both shower and eat

-Practices will not be able to start on time off-canpus due to everybody trying to beat the after school traffic

-Late practices result in little time to do our homework

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How does this effect the freshmen?

This switch would not have much of an effect on the freshmen to move them back to 4th period. This is because with the sophomores-seniors, there are the JV and varsity teams that the coaches are trying to coach at once, which results in delays in practice that leads us not getting to lunch on time. The coaches just have to coach the freshman team which makes it easier for them to get their reps in a lot quicker. Also, the freshmen cannot have renaissance lunch the first semester anyway so excluding them from it for half a semester is better than missing all of sophomore-senior renaissance lunches. After school (baseball wise), the freshmen also practice at school so they do not have any traffic to beat.