Menominee Tribe

Wild rice people

Past History

Long ago the Menominee tribes original location was Bay, Wisconsin on an Indian reservation. The problem they faced was that they were threatened to deprive Menominee people of their cultural identity.

Present History

The Menominee tribe now lives in Wisconsin and upper Michigan on a reservation In Wisconsin. The problem they face now is that they have an endangered language and children are having a hard time learning.


The food that the Menominee tribe ate was wild rice, they hunted deer, fish, squash, beans, nuts, berries, and syrup from maple trees. They had a large food selection.


The Menominee tribe had many different clothing to wear. Women's clothing that they wore were woven skirts, beaded shirts, and moccasins. Men wore breech cloth with leggings, beaded shirts, and moccasins. Both wore mantles in cool weather.


Some homes in the Menominee tribe were wigwams or rectangular loges. Each home was made with bark or wooden tops.


The tools Menominee people used were bows made of string and wood. Stone axes made of stone and wood. Spears made of stick and stone. Clubs made of stone leather and wood. Nets made of stick and string. Knifes made of stone and wood. Shields made of wood and leather. Iron swords made of iron. Bolas made of rocks and rope. These are weapons and tools the Menominee tribe used.


Games the Menominee children liked to play was with dolls, other toys, and board games. Teenagers liked to play lacrosse. These are the games the Menominee people play.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Menominee tribe. The Menominee languages include English and Menominee. Kids help around the house and go hunting. They go camping outdoors. They used canoes for transportation. These are some interesting facts about the Menominee tribe.