Columbia University

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Where is it at?

Columbia is in New York city and it is 1619.21 miles from Texas.

How do you get in?

You must have GPA of 3.8 or higher, and have at least an "A" on you SAT or ACT. Another important thing is that you are in extra curricular activities, and have a lot of community service. Columbia likes to see that their students are involved not with just academics, but with outside activities as well.

What majors are offered here? And what will my classes look like?

Columbia University is a four year, ivy league college, and many diverse majors are offered here. You can study anything from anthropology, to business management. There is also fine arts majors, teaching majors, and cultural studies major. There is vast amounts of majors to choose from in many different fields of study. At Columbia, the student to teacher ratio is 6:1. Majority of the classes are less than 20 students, and very few have more then 20. The classes are small so that each student can connect with the faculty members and fully understand their area of study.
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What else does Columbia have to offer you?

Columbia is in an urban area and is full of life. The city alone has many activities, but the campus has sports, clubs, and many organizations. There are multiple A Cappella groups and academic honors groups. There is also a Mock Trial Team, Parliamentary Debate Team, and Model Congress Team. The clubs and sports include equestrian club, lacrosse, tennis, ice hockey, volley ball, and a cheer leading team. There are also cultural groups, dance, and economic groups.

How do I get a tour?

If you are interested in applying to Columbia, they are happy to have you. They have Saturday tours that you can set up with the visitors center. On the tour you can visit the academic buildings and see how great life is at Columbia. To set up a tour with the visitors center just call: 212-854-4900.
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