Seminary semester 1

A spiritual, and very uplifting experience!

The best thing about seminary

Is being able to leave the foul language, and the dirty things that go on in the school and be able to go and get spiritually uplifted. Also being able to go and feel his love and learn more about the church. My favorite part is going into the deep conversations about the scriptures, or the topic of that day.

The skills I can use in this class from computer tech.

  1. I know how to be safe on my social media and how to put up firewalls to protect my self, and to keep my self to live righteously.
  2. I know how to do interesting presentations so that I can bring more of the spirit in when I am teaching a lesson.
  3. I know how to make spreadsheets so that I can make a spreadsheet for my daily scripture reading each year so i can improve and feel the spirit more each day. And i will be able to live more righteously.

Some of the most important people: