Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

March 15

The Moreau Heights family is committed to providing a positive and safe learning environment to support responsible and productive citizens.

Carry the Banner - Be an Awesomizer!

When you work in a school that has a reputation for being "challenging." it is each to fall to fall into the trap of talking negatively about the school, the community, the staff, the students - or any other available, contributing factor. This verbal bashing is referred to awfulizing. You'll recognize awfulizers by their habit of complaining about students, colleagues, parents, lack of resources, the administration, mandates, and any other decision with which they disagree. What is lost in those who awfulize if that others are listening to them and they transferring that message to others in the school community. The first three people who come to me with the secret work - avocado, will receive a prize. Over time, the negative comments have a cumulative, damaging effect, and the school gets labeled as a poor-performing school with low morale, a negative environment, or worse yet, as a school that doesn't care about its students.

In contrast, teachers, staff members and administration who carry the banner for their schools and harbor a deep adulation, sense of honor, and great regard for the schools and districts in which they serve - and it shows in their words and actions. They understand that their work isn't about them; it's about their students and their families, their colleagues, and the community in which they serve.They speak passionately and positively about their school community, illuminating it in every conversation at every opportunity.

Three ways in which your vibe as an educator can attract a tribe of people who are willing to carry the banner for your school or district:

  1. Model positive interactions - Effective educators never stop modeling positive interactions. They recognize that every interaction with a student, parent or colleague is one single moment to inspire more positive interactions and to impact every person they encounter in a positive way.
  2. Remember your body language reflects your beliefs - Bring a positive attitude to every situation - regardless of the severity of the situation. Never forget that your body is listening to everything your mind says. You become what you believe.
  3. Show appreciation - A person who feels valued and appreciates will always do and give more than what is expected. The most heartfelt message we can share with others is our genuine gratitude.

Be an Awesomizer!

PBS lesson

Our behavior data shows the greatest need is student defiance. Our lessons over the quarter will focus on skills that support student's following adult directions, even when it's hard.

The PBS lesson focus this week is the difference between a question and directive - teacher to students AND peer to peer

Our Second Steps. . .

Lesson 21 is where we have each classroom paced on lessons:

Kindergarten- Fair Ways to Play

1st grade - Handling Name-Calling

2nd grade - Playing Fairly on the Playground

3rd grade - Dealing with Negative Peer Pressure

4th grade - Dealing with Peer Pressure

5th grade - Dealing with Peer Pressure

Celebrate the Positive!

Positive office referrals in 2019: 230

Have you kept an eye out for the positive choices by students? Have you written a positive referral to recognize a student doing a great job?

Character Trait for March is Trustworthy

Big picture
JCPS Difference Maker Recognition

Have a colleague who you would like to see recognized for making a positive difference? Here is the link to complete a nomination.

Morning Gym Duty

Jerry Ries

Briana Watson

Katie Paul

Brittany Basinger

Calendar of Events

Monday, March 18

*Cultural Diversity/Engagement session with Dawn 4:00 in library

Tuesday, March 19

*1st grade literacy training 12-3

*Student-led Conferences 4-7:30

Wednesday, March 20

*5th grade student tour of LC 9:30-11

*Staffing for AB (James, Haugen, Gragg/Ewing, Hutchison, Reece)

Thursday, March 21

*Storytelling Assemblies

*Student-led Conferences 4:00-7:30

Friday, March 22

*PBS Assemblies 8:30/9:40

*PBS Celebrations 10:30/12:30

March 25-29 - Spring Break

Monday, April 1

*classes resume

Tuesday, April 2

*Fire Drill

*KJ SST (Mantle, Haugen, James) 9:15

*Literacy Team mtg 3:45

*Tier 2 mtg 3:45

Wednesday, April 3

*Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

*Sue at District Admin 8 - 10:30

*MG IEP (Hutchison, Haugen/Day, Lenger, Spear) 11:00

*IM Staffing/IEP (Hutchison, Ewing/Gragg, James, OT/PT, Haugen/Day) 1:15

*DB Staffing (Treat, James, Dunham) 3:45

*New Crew mtg 3:45

Thursday, April 4

*Librarian Appreciation Day

Weekly Collaboration Log

This is the link to a revised communication log for your team collaboration. The expectation is that your team will complete each week.

Dr. Day's Update

Here's my information for the Friday Focus...

Thank you for your hard work during our PD and faculty meeting on Wednesday. It was great to see such rich conversations around our building non-negotiables. Your diligence in holding students accountable for those expectations will be extremely helpful and rewarding. We are in the home stretch, so let's wrap the year up on a strong note.

Here is a link for three quick tips on holding students accountable.

Our PBIS team discussed our largest area of minors and found that defiance for third quarter was the highest behavior. As we focus on addressing defiance, I recommend the following article.

Really take some time to reflect on the sections titled, determine the cause of the behavior and make a plan. Remember not to get into a power struggle with students. This only escalates the behavior or situation. Remain calm and think about how to address the situation with the student in a way that will help solve the problem.

March Birthdays

Susie Farmer- March 15

Kelly Moeller - March 16

Lauren Ogden - March 20

Kaylie Hartness - March 24