Emily Williams-6


Aliens are mythical creatures that some people believe they have had encounters with, however, there has been no solid proof of them.There have been lots of people that think that they had been abducted or face to face with one. There have been reports about Aliens from New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania, England, and California, ect. People believe that they are green but others think they are pale, and have big black eyes.
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What are UFOs?

UFOs are Unidentified Flying Objects that carry aliens through space. UFOs experts believe that UFOs come in many shapes and sizes. There are Discs and Saucers that are round and flat. There are Spheres ans Ovoids that are large and round. There are Conicals that are cone-shaped. Rectangular UFO's are large and box-like, and are not as common. Triangles and Boomerangs have been spotted in Arizona. The last type of UFO's are Cylinders.
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Where did they come from?

People think that aliens came from planets outside of our solar system.
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Why do they want humans?

Because we are smarter than them and want our intelligence so they can transform and look like us.