Technology Class


  • You can make awesome and unique movies
  • You can import cool photos
  • You can make some really funny stuff


  • You can pick really cool backgrounds
  • They have lots of awesome music to chose from
  • You can make really weird and funny trailers

Haiku deck

  • Haiku deck is something like power point where you make different slides
  • I made a Haiku deck about my dream job
  • It has pictures that are not copyrighted so you don't have to sight it for every picture

Explain Everything

  • Explain everything is something where you can explain any topic you want
  • they have laser pointers to show people what you are doing
  • you can also talk to explain

Go animate

  • Go animate is something where you make animated videos
  • you can make business videos
  • the best part in my opinion is making super random funny videos