Sharks Need Your Help!

by Ethan Robinson

Help the Sharks!

Think like a shark, you're swimming around just minding your own business then you smell food. You go after it, once you've got it it feels like it's biting back. You get pulled out of water and can't breathe, then someone cuts off your 3 fins and tosses you back. You're happy to breathe but can't swim or eat.This fining is happening to sharks all around the world. Sharks are being hunted to the point of extinction

The Extinction of Sharks

If there were no sharks the whole food chain would be disrupted. All the creatures a shark eats, except the ones that are eaten by other creatures, would grow out of control! The food chain would collapse.

Dangers of Sharks

Sharks kill below 100 people per year; while elephants and tigers,execution, illegal drugs, road accidents, and starvation kill more. People think that by killing sharks off, there will be less deaths per year. Maybe, 1/1000 deaths that would've happened will not happen anymore by sharks.

Why Sharks are Being Hunted

Sharks are being hunted because some people think it's for the better of life and others just want the money. You can sell shark fins for over $200 in China. In China you can buy shark fin soup for $90 or more. The fin doesn't do anything but give the soup ( most of the time chicken noodle soup) texture.


Sharks are dying off and we're not doing much. WE must do something to save them. If we don't some generations will not see sharks.


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