Free, Working Hoverboard Giveaway!

Free, Safe, Working, Hoverboard

Fun for the whole family!

This is never before seen technology giveaway! You will be able to race on your new hoverboard. Meet all kinds of people coming, including Mark Hamill, Harison Ford, and Micheal J Fox! All of you will have a blast!

Hoverboard Giveaway

Saturday, June 16th 2018 at 10am-9:45pm

79 Lauriston Place

There is a racing tourniment all week long. The winner will win a new house in London England. This house is a penthouse in the heart of London with all new apliences and a hoverboard entrence at the top!


The events start with a tutorial and opening speech. Then you will go to the test zone and try out your new hoverboard. After you have finished your testing you can go and enter in the tourniment. If you have any free time you can meet new people from all over the world and challenge them to races. After that you enter into the first bracket and you race 10 other people, it keeps on until the end with 5 other people. Overnight you will stay in a nearby hotel called the Edinburgh City Hotel.