Master Technician

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Career Details

Automotive technicians inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light truck. Mechanics work in well ventilated areas. Many problems could be fixed with computers but they also work with grease and tools. Also able to work in uncomfortable. The mechanic pay can go from 21 to 30 dollars an hour. The salary can go from $35,790. The work area can be any shop in the city in various blocks. They can be in places with a lot of traffic. Working hours can vary whenever you want. The hours can be on your schedule.


Not much in education but more of experience. A new person can go to a trade school and get an associates degree. Really all masters technicians need is experience.
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Many skills need to be learned for a mechanic. A mechanic needs to learn how to troubleshoot a car. Also how to operate different tools. A mechanic needs to have patience as well as good eye and hand coordination. Another skill a mechanic is to be a fast problem solver and be able to tell different noises.

Job outlook

The job outlook to be a mechanic is going up seventeen percent by the year 2020. The world is looking for many mechanics.
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Related jobs

Similar jobs are diesel engine repairer. Another job is small engine repairer they repair little motor such as lawn mowers. Also a power tool repairer. The last job related to a mechanic is a welder.
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