HH Library

Going into and after the break!

Grades 3-5 Class Checkouts Week of Dec. 14-18

Then the week we come BACK in Jan. it will be kiddos on passes.

Because of the longer holiday ...

Grade 3 - 4 books

Grade 4 - 5 books

Grade 5 - 5 books

Still only one may be a magazine. And on FRIDAY only they may get more than one graphic novel.

PreK through 2nd grade, we'll also increase your students' checkouts by one to have an extra book over the long break.

You won't ever stop hearing about it from me until we are consistently near at least the middle of the district circulation statistics. It makes getting books and audiobooks SO EASY! If you would like to have a lesson with your class (third grade and up, second grade at the end of the year) please let me know. And ALL staff ... have a smart phone, tablet, or even on a desktop or laptop computer? Want to get library books from anywhere with an internet connection? You can do it with Overdrive. Great for personal reading or books you want to use in the classroom! Kids think they are super busy too ... please model at least a little reading for fun!!!
Download the free app Chromville to your grade level iPads. Then click on the link (see title above) and register for a quick FREE account. Download the Christmas (or if you have kiddos that don't celebrate, one of the other freebies. There's a great one with a little polar bear that wanders around outside of his igloo). What they color will come to life when you scan it with the app! (Depending on which page you choose ... this Christmas one you will scan with the "Customize" part of the app.) Story and writing ideas abound ...
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I will be out on Jan. 5. Still trying to get a sub but that's only one day so if it doesn't work we'll just rearrange things either to fit when Mr. Young can be in the library or for another day.

Independent Student Access

PLEASE SEND KIDS! If I am not available and Mr. Young is elsewhere I'll just send them back. (Now, they do need to BELIEVE me when I say "Please come back later" and not stand there waiting while I'm trying to teach another class. That I do need them to understand.) But independent access is super important! We can't be with them when they go to the public library or the bookstore and that is where readers are made. Think of their independent visits to the library as like their small group time with me. If you would like to see a copies of all the research documenting the value of strong school library users I can definitely oblige. ;)

Videos (repeat)

Remember that if it's related to curriculum with lesson plans (analyzing stories and characters, looking for ecosystem examples, etc.) then you are copyright covered under teaching and fair use (well, as long as the copy you are showing is legal!).

We have 6 CD/DVD drives for use with laptops.

If it's just for indoor recess or background of a party it needs to come from the following distributors: Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood, Columbia, Tri-Star, Paramount, MGM, MIramax, United Artists, Warner Bros, Sony, NBC Universal, Lionsgate, Summit, Picturehouse, and New Line Cinema.