by brian ocampo

What is syphilis

The pathogen is a virus that can last for life.
Syphilis is a painless sores or sores on the mouth or sex organs, back, tongue and hands.
sores last 2-6 weeks.

How can it be transmitted?

It is spread by vaginal, anal, or oral sex and sometimes by genital touching

What are symptons ?

A rash anywhere on the body.
Flu- like feelings

what diagnostic test are done ? Medications? Preventions?

They take a blood or urine sample.
You can treat it with penicillin.
Don't do sexual things with people who have syphilis and use a condom before having sexual intercourse or other sexual things.

How common is this disorder (male,female,race,age)?

22% of women have syphilis and 36% of minorities have it.