The Medici Family 1296 - 1737

The Godfathers of the Renaissance


Rose to power through banking and commerce.

The dynasty started around the 12 century.

Lived in the Tuscan village then took over Florence.

Probably the richest family in Italy.

In the 13th century they first gained wealth.

In the 14th century they kept increasing their wealth.

Giovanni de Medici's son, Cosimo de Medici created many churches.


*success in commerce and banking

*increased wealth

patronized the arts

Used their wealth to make the largest library in Italy at that time.

founded th Platonic Academy.

Interesting Facts

The Medici Family were very arrogant and strict to the people (probably because they were so rich.

The two main people who helped the Medici dynasty be stable are Lorenzo and Cosimo.

The first Medici family member to hold a public office is Ardingo de Medici.

Even though the names changed, Galileo named four planets after the four people in the Medici Family.

The Medici Family were considered the Godfathers of the Renaissance.

In 1478 Giuliano Medici was assinated by Pazzi family in front of 10,000 people.


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