Mercy Otis Warren


Early Life

Mercy Otis Warren was born on September 25th, 1728. She and her family came to the country in 1630 or 1640, and settled first in Hingham. The youth of Mercy was passed in the retirement of her home, in routine of domestic employments, and the duties devolving upon her. As the eldest daughter in a family of high respectability.

Adult Life

When she was about 26 she became the wife of of James Warren. It was while residing occasionally for a few weeks with her husband and children on a farm a few miles away from the village.

Revolution Time

Before the Revolution had begun Warren anonymously published 3 plays. Each one was full of political fervor that would come to define her public life. When American Revolution ensured Warren was the first to pick up her pen. It was published under the name "history of the rise, progress, and termination of the American Revolution." Mercy Otis once wrote that Revolution " were meant to remind mankind of their natural equality." Later she then died on October 19th, 1814 at 87 years old.