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With a HDI of 0.699. China ranks at 101th on the HDI chart. China is going down in terms of happiness and live expectancy. This can lead to people moving away from China to go and live a more happy lifestyle. There are multiple reasons for China's low HDI; one is the one child policy, another is the fact that the government is strict and can do as it please with repercussions on to the public but more importantly. With the rise of China's industry boom, China has had a big smug problem for a few decades with everybody moving to china for a cheaper lifestyle or a way to export business to china for cheaper employees. The life expectancy can decrease due to this because of the amount of smug breathed in can be led to the equivalent of smoking for quite a few years from breathing in one day of smug. If the trend of the economy in China continue, this can lead to China dropping not just by tenth digits but by 100th digits. The dropping of digits can be suspended or stopped if China starts acting on their smug problem. England was facing a similar problem but they had banned private cars from driving in central London. Now, their smug problem has reduced. However, China would need to react quicker than them in order to make an effect.
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