Never Take It

Look Like :(

They look like in pill, tablet, or powder form

Sometime the drug dealer put stamps so they look like candy and people are more attracted to take them

What Type Of Drug Is This?

Amphetamine is a stimulant type of drugs

Short Term Effects

Amphetamines make users feel powerful, alert, and energized for 3 to 8 hours on average for a small dose. These can effect when you take drug

  1. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding
  2. Fast heart rate and increased blood pressure
  3. Decreased appetite
  4. Fast, continuous talking
  5. You cannot get tired

Long Term Effects

This drug can cause people to have hallucinations,hearing problems,suffering from mental conditions and develop a psychosis that resembles schizophrenia.This drug might make people more violent or unsure what they are doing. If you take this drug in large amounts more often you can get stressed on heart and raise you with more blood pressure and pulse rates, instant breathing, and your heart get heart failed.Some effects you can get is:

  1. Physical exhaustion.
  2. Insomnia and restlessness.
  3. dizziness and blurred vision.
  4. Headache.
  5. Reduced appetite and health problems from not eating properly.
  6. Higher chances of getting sick because of malnutrition.
  7. Depression, anxiety, and paranoia
  8. Severe dental problems ("meth mouth") when using methamphetamine.
  9. Mood disturbances and delusions similar to those felt by people with bipolar disorder or psychosis.

How is it used?

This Drug can get in your body from 4 thing

  1. Swallowed
  2. It also be inhaled
  3. Injected
  4. Dabbed (When someone licks a finger and dips it in the powder before eating it).

What is the legal status on this drug?

-Most amphetamines are found on streets being abused today as legal amphetamines.They are legal when they are used by the user who is prescribed the drugs by a legitimate doctor and when they are used correctly by that user.

-The most common legal amphetamines are:

  • Dextroamphetamine
  • Levoamphetamine
  • Methylphenidate
  • Lisdexamfetamine

What are some social factors that may influence substance use?

Peer Pressure




How can decision making skills and communication be used to respond to different influences?

  1. Select the best solution
  2. Communicate your solution , and take actions
  3. Investigate your situation in details
  4. Generates good difference
  5. Investigate your option

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Amphetamine Drug Use