Ms. Smith's Class

February 19, 2016

What is Happening Next Week in Class:


- We will be continuing our unit on fractions.


- We will be continuing our work on non fiction books.

Writing: We will be finishing up our choice writing and beginning our Famous Missourian Project.

Science/Social Studies:

-We will be finishing our westward expansion unit


The words this week are the same because of the 2 four day weeks.

real, simple, heart, possible, sat, quite, watch, beautiful, blur, girl, piece, matter, before, really, red, cut, young


80 minutes of reading is due every Friday.

All homework will be sent home on Fridays and will be due on the following Friday. I hope this helps those with after school activities.

Upcoming Events at Pioneer Trail

Feb 25. PTO Movie Night

Feb. 26 Awards Assembly

We will be having another referral free celebration in March. The dates that we will be looking at are February 11, 2016- March 11. Students that receive 0-1 minors, and no majors, will be allowed to attend the celebration. This is in effort to reduce the amount of 4th grade referrals, and reward those that choose to make good decisions while at school.


Please let me know if there is a different email you would like the newsletters sent to.

Our Class Motto

We come to school everyday ready to learn.