The Raft Research

By Jayden Dole

Before the crash

Before the plane crash Robbin was talking about where she lives and about Midway. Then Robbie start to talk about how her aunt AJ gave her more freedom then her parents did at Midway. Aj left Robbie at her apartment alone and when Robbie was hungry she went to mcdonalds and when she had her food at was on the way back to the apartment a homeless man attacked her. She ended up getting on a plane the next morning because she was so upset and scared but the co-pilot never weighed her bags or her.

In the ocean

In the ocean Robbie and Max were the only ones on the raft because Larry was still on the plane when it hit the water so he died. Robbie ended finding skittles in Max's ditty bag and she eat most of them. She didn't have any water so she drank the rain water. She ended up on an island that Robbie thought was Liasinski.

On the island

On the island that Robbie had landed on she had a swollen eye and bruises and cuts everywhere because she ran into the reef. On the island she found out that there was a suit out in the distance so she thought there would be a beacon in it. So she went out in the water to look and see if there was one but when she got to the suit there was a body in the suit. So she swam back but she had to convince herself that she needed to check it but when she had finally got ahold of it she realized something was around her it was a shark. The shark ended up snatching the suit with the body inside under the water so she swam back really fast. She also found lighters around the island and made a signal fire and a boat ended up stoping at the island but not because she saw the fire but they just wanted to research.


My connections are that Robbie had made Max up after he died because she can't stand being alone just like me i couldn't stand being all by myself alone. The text to text connection is that when Robbie was attacked by that homeless guy and then the guy in the suit was attacked by the shark. The text to world connection is that anyone can be on a plane and get in a crash like that and end up being saved like Robbie got saved.