Macbeth: A Review in Film

Act 2, Scene 1 (33.50 to 40.15)

I don't care for this version. It's got a lame background with no detail, and I dislike how messy the characters look. This is before Macbeth loses it entirely, but he's got messy, frizzy hair and his clothes are in disorder. The acting is cringeworthy, with overactive expressions and a boring tone of voice. (33.10 to 39.40)

Well, it's certainly better than the first. The background is all smoky and blue-lit; it definitely has a nighttime feel to it. There's a lot more emotion. I was thinking the kid Banquo talked to and the servant were one and the same, but according to this it's not so. The appearance of the characters fits a lot better to what I imagined. There's a lot more of an emotional feel to this version, and I really liked it, but I don't really care for how Macbeth keeps squinting or closing his eyes.