Alpha Delta Kappa

BETA XI /////////////////////// NOVEMBER 2015

Food, Glorious Food!

"People will forgive you anything if you cook them a good meal," said Fannie Flagg, author of the novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. I've spent a lot of time with my nose in various cookbooks lately. I think my favorite one this week is Ms Flagg's Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook that I bought when my family ate at the restaurant in Georgia where the movie Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed. I hope I've found my grandmother's recipe for fried pies in there. I want to cook everything in the book but mainly those recipes that make me think of family and friends like my Alpha Delta Kappa sisters.

Our November meeting

Remember when: Nov. 17, the 3rd Tues, this month, not the 4th, and 6:15, not 6:45
Place: The home of Juanita Owsley, 2006 Calcutta Drive, 745-3308
Co- hostesses: Nancy Weatherman & Dee Coulter -- Thanks ladies for stepping up here.
Kind of meeting: Make and Take a Christmas Ornament
Focus: Personal enrichment
Speaker: AnnaLee Gardner, who taught us how to make bows
What to bring: Badge, bear, mittens, door-prize money, altruistic list, chocolate list, chocolate recipes, ornament items, and ~~ $62 dues. Whew, that's a lot of things.

What to Bring for the Make & Take

Program chairman Kay has been waiting on the supply list, but our speaker has been out of town and we just got it yesterday. That's why I've waited and you're just getting it. In order to make the Christmas ornament, bring the following 5 items: Styrofoam balls, thin fabric/scraps, scissors, thin ribbon, & a butter knife.

Think Chocolate!

You need to bring to the November meeting your list of the 3 items that you will make for January's Taste of Chocolate. You will be asked to update your last year's list of chocolates. ALSO if you have a new item to cook/make, please go ahead and bring the recipe for the newspaper. We won't ask them to print the same ones again, so you know we will need those unpublished recipes.

Hard Working Beta Xi Sisters

Thank you, sisters, for the time you put in on our October Founders' Month project! I actually got 2 thank-yous: one text from a male and one call from a female. Even though it's a year away, if you see something in a magazine or on Pinterest that the teachers would like that we could make, please bring me that idea. Maybe some of us could get together & make them this summer. Just like the Scouts, I'd love for us to be prepared.

Christmas Altruism

If your church, school organization, or club takes the Christmas boxes for Samaritan's Purse, bring that information to Tues.'s meeting.

Carolyn Moore's committee will present us a chance to do good for RIF, our Sept. program.

October Kappan

Make sure you read page 6 of the Kappan for Alpha Delta Kappa News. It's such a concise display of deadlines, convention/conference dates, & announcements. I like "Ask Ms. Violet." It's a good fraternity education paragraph.

The Irondale Cafe in Alabama

Let's end with Fannie Flagg. She dedicated her cookbook to her aunt, who worked in the Alabama Irondale Cafe that was called Whistle Stop in Fried Green Tomatoes. Flagg said, "In was in her cafe that I first learned about good food and kindness, two things I still treasure." For this November, I wish you good food and kindness.