18th September :) #4

Dear girlies,

Did you hear that Henry divorced Catherine in secret?!

we are investigating the new information to update you!

  • Catherine of Aragon, Henrys wife at the moment, wasn't producing a baby son, which is what henry wanted! he was fed up because Catherine of A had had son's but they had died. She had only produced healthy daughters, which was even more frustrating because henry didn't want a daughter!

  • Also Henry thought that Anne was a lot prettier. Catherine of Aragon was getting quite old! Don't blame Henry for getting rid or her really!

  • Henry had wanted more money from the church in Europe so he thought this was a great idea to make money quickly.

  • Catherines nephew, the Emperor Charles V, captured Rome and put pressure on the Pope to not let henry divorce catherine.

  • Henry had believed that he had broken gods law by marrying Catherine- his brothers widow. He thought that this was wrong because they had never actually divorced. He thought that he was being really unfair on his brother and felt bad even though his brother wasn't alive.

  • Anne Boleyn and her family and supporters were interested in changing the church. She was a secret protestant. We only found this out recently. she had hidden it from Henry because he might have thought differently if he knew. Also, slowly, Anne was trying to make the Church protestant.

Though, Henry was having a lot of trouble becausethe Pope in Rome wasn't allowing Henry to divorce Cathgerine. This is why the had an argument. This is also why Henry married Anne in secret.

Overall Henry was a bit cheeky wasn't he! Naughty Henry :P

I hope this lets you understand the situation a little better, girlies!

Love from Gossiper 360 xox