Your personality matters.

Lauryn Robertson

Does your personality affect your career?

Yes, I think your personality affects your career because you do not want to come home everyday complaining that you hate your job, you want to pick a career that you are going to enjoy. For example: If you're a kindergarten teacher you need to be caring and funny. If you're a boss at work you need to be strict but also flexible, you also need to be very organized.

Positive Self Esteem

Self esteem reflects a person's overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. When you have a positive self esteem it means you feel great about yourself and you have lots of confidence.

How does a positive self esteem affect your career?

My Likes/Dislikes, Interests, Values, Skills, and Personality Traits.

Likes- Basketball, watching hockey,music, pizza, photography, Sleep, Ellen, and Dr. Phil.

Dislikes- Math, school, annoying people, and when people chew with their mouth open.

Interests- Sports, running, music, Netflix, and KD's and Lebrons (shoes).

Values- Go to college, have a family, have a good job, and be a billionaire.

Skills- Writing stories, sleeping, eating, running, and basketball.

Personality Traits- Nice, Caring, and Trustworthy.

Lifestyles in the future

The type of lifestyle I would like to have is a healthy, wealthy, and very fit type of lifestyle.
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