Welcome to Science Open House !

By: Charlize Jewell

Earthquake PBL

Please include...
  • Driving Question
  • How can we as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?
  • Your design
  • Include pictures and videos for interview and shaketest

Atmosphere 30 hands Project

You will write a brief description of this project here...

Please include..

  • Pictures from pic collage
  • link to video for 30 hands project (from camera role)

Invention Covention

Brief description with pictures of invention convention.

Please include...

What environmental problem does your invention solve?

Our invention solves the more space used for wind mills and solar panels.Our enviromental problem is global warming. Global Warming is a big part of our life; it causes more dangerous heat waves, that are changing our enviroment and then our lives.A statistic from endurance wind power.

How does your invention solve this problem?

We combined the two together and made it into a powered phone charger to create more space in the environment. Our creation of the Solarmill powered phone charger will help cut emissions because it is a renewable resource. Phone and other devices are a major part of our modern world, so my team and I thought of something that would make a huge impact. People are constantly charging their phones, and that charger sends out a lot of emissions. Our creationmay be only a small step, but it will still make a big difference in life today.

Extra Credit

Choose your favorite unit we have done this year and describe here.

My favorite Unit was Unit 2 and Unit 6.

What I liked about the units were that in Unit 2 it explained about under water volcanos.

Also I liked in Unit 6, The Invention Convention Project too.

I liked that in Unit 2 we got to color on pg 37 and 38. And I also enjoyed the Milky Way Lab becuase we got to eat chocolate.

In Unit 6 I liked that we got to design and make an Invention.

PBL Design

This is our final design or blueprint. We decided to use some of Heidi's design and half of my design. For the walls we are going to use straws and toothpicks. We will also use a lot of clay on the base to make our house stand more firmly. Also, Heidi had a great idea to use toothpicks and stick them into the plate connecting the house and the plate. We also wanted to try some of my ideas by attaching straws to the framework so the walls will stand up with durability. We plan our height to be eight inches, our width to be four and a half, and our length to be eight inches. We also think we might have to cut our materials to get the right shape and measurements for our house. Hopefully we all make Tony Stark a beautiful and durable house.