South Korea

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South Korea is a beautiful country that has something for everyone to enjoy.

Food in South Korea

South Korea has many famous dishes and seasonings. One of the most used seasoning is Ground Cayenne Pepper. For dinner, there is a wonderful dish called Naengmyeon, which are noodles. For dessert, enjoy delicious green tea and rice cakes. On those very special nights, relax with some takju (wine). Cheongju is one of the most popular wines in South Korea. There is a wide variety of delicious Korean cuisines. Grab your chopsticks and enjoy!

Landmarks/Historial Sites

There are many beautiful and unique sites in South Korea to explore. If you want to see a splendid sunset you should visit Seonaksan Sunset Peak. The views are breathtaking. If you are one of those people who enjoy exercising, then run on down to the 6,500 meter long Gwang-An Bridge. Now that will be a work out! Jump onto the Kyeong-Wha Express for a tour of the majestic Northern Region. The snow capped mountains will take your breath away. For an authentic Korean experience, go to the Garangee Village. You can stay in a hut and see how villagers live day to day. There is an abundance to landmarks and historical sites to visit. Come on down to South Korea and begin your adventure.

Activities in South Korea

South Korea is full of fun activities to enjoy. One of the most beautiful places to swim would be the Jeju "island of the gods". The tranquil surroundings and waterfall will captivate you. Seoraksan National Park is the largest park in South Korea. It has amazing hiking trails and mountain views to enjoy. For all of those skiers and snowboarders out there, visit the Eastern Region. It has some of the best ski resorts in Asia. There is something for everyone in South Korea. From exploring natural wonders to enjoying the nightlife. Go out and have fun.


In South Korea there is an abundance of history and culture. Visit the ancient tombs to see some of the most beautiful murals in the world. The dividing of the two countries is the most important part of South Korea's history. If you are on a long walk make sure you don't go to far because there is a long gate that is heavily guarded. If you like to see natural treasures, check out the Korean museum and see the Jongmyojery crown, Pansori Kingdom replica, and the Gangneung Danoje dance model. South Korea is truly a historical country.


There are four different languages in South Korea so start learning. The first language is Korean, so while you are there make sure to get a Korean dictionary. The second language is Turkish. Who knew that Turkish is one of the languages in South Korea? The third language is obviously Chinese. The forth language is Japanese. Most cell phones have language translations. You will put it to good use on your trip.


South Korea has a lot of random weather. In the winter it is cold and dry so grab a jacket. In the summer it is very hot and humid so wear short sleeve shirts and shorts. In the fall it is very rainy and foggy so use an umbrella. In the afternoons it is very foggy so be very cautious when driving. When in South Korea be prepared for fast weather changes.


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