John kay's invention

By Daniel Allen

kay's early life

He was born in Bury England, on July 16, 1704. He died in France around the year 1780

He was the twelfth child of a farmer and a woolen manufacturer.

His father put him in charge of the mill at a young age.

Then he improved his father's mill.

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John Kay and the flying shuttle and how it benefited people

He became a machinist and inventor of the flying shuttle

He invented it to speed up the weaving process at a much higher speed.

It worked by a weaver pulling a chord to make the bat move side to side.

He did not benefit from this invention. People used it but did not pay for it.

Made weaving way cheaper than before. It made a dramatic change in weaving

The flying shuttle -History Video.wmv
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How people reacted o the flying shuttle

It helped the textile industry make more money, cloth, and more workers willing to use them. The flying shuttle also helped make weaving a lot easier than normal.

Fun facts about the flying shuttle

They are still used in some areas of economy.

The spinning wheel and the sewing machine came from the same diagram as the flying shuttle.

The flying shuttle did not benefit John Kay at all but it did benefit the textile industry.

cotton mills

A cotton mill is a factory house powered by weaving machinery such as the flying shuttle; This is where they weaved cotton and yarn to make cloth. This helped people find jobs and get paid more. They were very important in the factory system.
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