How was Power Gained in Rome

By madalyn allain


Ancient Rome was a powerful and important civilization that ruled much of Europe for nearly 1000 years. Rome is a rocky , mountain pinensulia 600 miles long and 150 miles wide . Ancient Rome was filled with many wealthy rulers or emperors like Augustus , Dicletian and Julius Caesar who wanted to have absolute power . In order to have power they had to gain power , being a dictor , taking power by force , giving what the people wanted, and making new things. Thats how the people in Rome had to gain power from the citizens .

Etruscan kings

Starting in 753 B.C.E , the Etruscan kings inherited there power , they ruled Rome for more than two hundred years. In order to be ruler that long they had two be able to gain power from there people. The Etruscan kings ordered many things like temples , aqueducts and sewer systems to be built . Building more of those things will give more power to the kings because these are things the people want and need . Over time , however the Etrsucan kings ruled badly , they did not do good for the citizens .


The definition of dictator means , a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. In my own words this means , you have all the power in your own hands and can do what ever you want with it . Make new laws , kill people , build new things or force people to exile . Julius Caesar was an example of a dictator , he forced the senate to appoint him dictator for life . In 49 B.C.E , Caesar marched his troops into the city of Rome and took over the government . Caesar ruled for many years and made several changes in the government . Caesar then forced senate to make him dictator for life , all of the power would be given to him . Once this happened the officials and senates were worried how much power he had and wondered what he would do next , want to be kings ? kill people ? , change things ? , Start a war? In 44 B.C.E the senators killed Julius Caesar . This is how you gain power in Ancient Rome .

New king

When a leader goes out of power then a new king will take there place , therefore he will get more power . For example after the