Join today !!! we need help on the front line!

The draft is open come enlist now and be a man serve your country. Make your mom proud to call you her son. Defined your freedom and defend America.Uncle SAM would enlist and e is wanting you to.
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America enters war?

Recruits practice marching in Grant Park in 1917 with the Art Institute in the background. Despite such scenes, Chicago did not repond enthusiastically to the outbreak of war
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Have you been wondering how your letter got to your soldiers, it only takes 2 days now. You might take the risk of are ENEMIES trying to sink are ships. But now all you have to do is send the letter and we will get it there.
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Trench Warfare

Lice and rats were constant torments. The deep mud and slime gave rise to a crippling condition called tench foot your family members might be suffering from the disease that rots your foot, don't be surprised it they come home with out a foot.
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War Information

The totals added up from the battle that ended last week Over a million soldiers were killed in the infamous battle of somme alone, including about 30,000 in just one day.