The Wonderful World Of Sports.

Different Trophies

So when it comes to football, you have the biggest trophy.The super bowl trophy.
So when it comes to soccer you have the fifa world cup. Then you got basketball with the NBA championship trophy.Then and finily the world seires trophy.

The Most Active Sports

From my reaserch and what i think the most active sports (sport) is soccer because all you do is run,run,run.You also need to keep control over the ball so the other team so they can't score.Then you got one of my personl favorites football,from my research football is vary active like football because, you need to payattenchen to the other team and the ball and the quarterback (also knowend as QB).In football when your on defense you need to, payattenchen to the guy thats trying to catch the ball and if you do it just right you can pic it and maybe pic six it.A pic six is something when your on defense and you catch it from the other team and take it to your end zone.

The top ten best whide receivers in NFL.

1.The one an only Jerry Rice

2.Odell Beckham jr. is the best because he broke the world record for catching a foot ball with the least amount of fingers.

3.T.y hilton

4.Deion sanders

5.Reggie wayne

6.Marvin Harrison

7.Calvin Johnson

8.Lance Alworth

9.Don Hutson

10.Tim Brown

Foot Wear

Soccer cleats are more slim then football and baseball cleats but if you have a slim foot you can use soccer cleats for football,soccer and baseball.Football cleats are the widest cleats so if you have a wide foot the you can use football cleats for baseball and soccer if you have a wider foot.Then since baseball cleats are probably middle sized then you can also use them for each sport.Then you have basketball,basketball shoes are regular shoes that you see every day but there very grippy compared to shoes with foam bottoms so thats why I suggest rubber bottoms.